Less is More.

You're being compassionate, you are living day to day with a spunky attitude and helping others. ???
I think this world is not right, but it depends on each of us to change for the better.
Here I leave this emotional video, more is less,

Sometimes life spent about insignificant things when there is so much to do; With ourselves, with our families, with our close friends and with the world, currently I am surprised to see this video and that some of the comments are as empty as ...
What is the title of background sounds in the video ????
Helloooooooo , when how and where ???
In these days it only matters what material, surface, money. These days it is fashionable which does not fill the empty soul is a generation that is emerging a generation that does not give or add anything.
Living in an existential trash, there are more to be on the web the full day, becoming more and more idiots and more disconnected from the world day. This is life??
That is why the number of suicides is increasing every year and is higher in civilized cities.
"Where depression and the absence of God in the hearts makes is reached end up with something as valuable as life is".
This generation I call "on index finger" because it is only used to give manipulate likes and smart phones. I think there will be a change in this finger and in a few years will be the longest of all.
Let us try to reconnect with our human essence ,. I still think we CAN, we are human and we still have heart, not let vanity, envy, selfishness, technology, which by connecting with an abysmal world does arrive: Infidelity, Porno, Drugs, take other people's lives, live sad compared with the other, that if came out, that if you put such clothes that such portfolio, which went to the beach, how perfect life lead that great body, bla bla bla.... And here I'm ..... without even being able to have a bicycle, CAN NOT GO TO THE DISC, OR WITHOUT POWER BUY ME A PORTFOLIO MADE IN CHINA.
WAKE UP WORLD,,, the media, technology clothes,,...divides, divides the world of YOUR WORLD .....
What you see is not real is only the beautiful moments that are shared, not more.
It is an escape from the harsh reality that each person lives, because each one. Dear reader has and carries his cross.
Do not think you're alone who have problems.
Surround yourself with people, true friends and smile, dance enjoy life.
It's a wonderful world with wonderful opportunities.
And give you a chance to discover But physically no through an screen ,,,,,

And as the character of the video there are so many people in the world who can not afford to eat and it is not because they are on drugs, it is because the generation where they grew up is totally different from living day today and have not been able to adapt their minds needs a little help and can not afford the change a change that has not been at all well.
Sometimes these homeless need support and people on their side who love them and care for them, but ,,,,, NOT CHOICE .... I think we're wrong, I think the world does not take a good course and every day while I life, will fight and furnishes a grain of sand with my writings and my inner strength to continue believing that we can be better ,,,


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