Today, I feel sad, I feel scare, I feel Alone,,,,, Where are our politics, Where are our laws, Where our Happiness??

I am a mother of three beautiful and sweet kids.
Today when leave my son at the bus stop came home sad, uncertain and afraid of not being able to see my son back home again, schools have become unsafe in the United States, shopping centers are no longer pleasure when buying, movie theaters are a mysterious place to be. ,,,,, I wonder what is happening in the world ???
Something big inside the minds of people today ,,,, Maybe lack of attention ??? Absence of God ???
Unprincipled ??? ,, I will not reach, I have many doubts in my head.  could be the technology is creating robots, people without feelings??? Could be...
I think the powerful people want to manipulate humanity through  technology... And do whatever they want with the people ..
In my childhood 30 years ago; that  kind of events weren't seen. We lived happily and without fear. Yes always been people who do evil, murderers, rapists, very bad bad people ,,, but it was controlled.
BUT,,,,Today it has unleashed a fury, a desire to kill, harass, injure as if this is normal,  .... Hey people ,, this is not normal, we are doing a blind eye and the upside down watching cells (fashion, gossip, celebrity believing in stereotypes that only they live and in their world are not happy), leaving our children alone with murder video games and guns ,,,, Did you ever stopped to think ???,,,
Who are raising your children ??? / It will be a video game press a trigger and kill 50 ???
This will be that we are living today. See like a teenager go to a primary school and murdering innocent ,,, because who knows what these games come and put in our kids head ???
That you will be left alone or quiet ,,,, No matter what your child does or does not do ????? WAKE UP .... THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING WRONG ... You as a parent are the most responsible for creating healthy humans for a better community.
I think the owners of the world, are the owners of companies of technologies of mass communication.
Please I beg you, stop and clean your life of heroin that we are doing so much damage, Technologies-heroin>>>>
Spend time with your children, your family ,,,, Feel the peace of being without that damn phone to every minute and neglecting your baby has a fever, or that teenager who is in the room thinking suicidal Please ...
God stop and think for a moment ,,,,,We're responsible to leave a legacy of people with principles for our generations to live in a better place than we are living ..... today AND I WONDER  ,,,,,,  WHAT HAS HAPPENED ??????


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